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Life Groups

We were designed for meaningful relationships. This means that our faith also grows best in that context. Relationship promotes Faith and community was already intended as the key for growth. Our ‘Life Groups’ are focused around the idea of creating community. A community designed to help you thrive and grow.


What is a life group?
A life group is a small group which meets during the week. They are designed so that you can connect with and develop friendships with other believers in a setting which allows you to grow and to encourage and support each other.
How many people are part of a life group?
A typical group will have between 6 and 12 members. There are some exceptions to this, because of the geographic spread of our church or because of work patterns, but that is the typical size.
What happens at Life Groups?
Life groups are designed to help you grow in the context of community. A typical group would have a mix of social time, a resource-based discussion time and prayer for each other. They may also have food together and some weeks will be planned social events. They last for around 2 hours; although in some groups people do sometimes hang around a bit longer to socialise or support each other. You can expect to be able to leave after a couple of hours in any event.
How often do they meet?
They meet weekly, during term times
Where do they meet?
They meet in different parts of Cambridge and also in towns in each direction from the city.  As new people are joining the church all the time there are also new groups starting regularly.
How do I join?
If you are interested in joining a life group please speak to someone on the leadership team on a Sunday morning, or for more information email


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