Rock Solid

Looking forward to our next Rock Solid Course starting in October. With so many new people it promises to be a fantastic time of word based teaching, ministry and life transformation.

Rock Solid has run several times a year for many years now and each time we have seen lives transformed, foundations established and built, friendships made and real change for the better in the lives of those who have taken part.

This 8 Week relaxed and interactive course will encourage…inspire…challenge, and lead you into a higher level of faith.

Strong foundations will be established that will ensure that you will be able to stand firm in the face of the challenges of life. You will accelerate the process of being transformed into the overcomer that God made you to be. You will receive keys that will build your faith and release the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

“Rock Solid” talks about real issues, real life situations and real life struggles and triumphs. You will be helped in applying the word of God and empowered to make the changes that will give you victory in your life.

To sign up text your details to 07885 739784, email, call 01223 240983 or message us on facebook.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!